Trocadéro Advisors



Nicola Werner Challenge

This project promotes HPV cancer prevention & raise funds to finance research awards for PHDs in Germany and France.

Being There

I'm listening to peoples journeys in accompanying their partners with cancer & share some insights

Executive Advisory Board

As part of elevating the relationships of SAP key customers we created a truly insightful & thought leading forum for mutual exchange.

Art Against Cancer

In this case I demonstrate how we use to creating awareness against cancer and achieve a bigger impact in combining disciplines.

Connecting The Dots

I'm always looking to bring people together or to connect organisations for their mutual benefit

For What it's Worth 

is the context of my speaking engagements on presence, resilience & progress

New Business Models

Introducing a subscription based business model in 2006-2010 at SAP for its largest customers was a huge success, however a bit early.

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